About the Podcast

Hosted by Eva Webb, Titular Characters is a show about the things we love, where we interview creative types and learn about their art, their careers, and their passions It’s a show about people and the journeys that led them here, and the things they want us to know and remember.

Eva’s aim as a host is to bring the best in all of her guests, and help them get in their comfort zones; a place where people can feel safe being brilliant, nerdy, and irreverent. Reaching that place that every guest is having a good time as their authentic selves.

It’s all about heady conversations with nerds and creators about the awesome stuff we enjoy. We talk about comics, film, and the state of the world. What is creativity? How does the creative process work? What brings out your passion and why?

No topic is out of bounds, and the show does sometimes feature frank language and light profanity. But that just means it’s a good time. In the column to the right, there’s a list of places you can find us, so you can download us today! Why wait? Get your nerd on with us.

Follow Eva Webb on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/EvaIsAdorable


Every great podcast has a great list of contributors. Here’s ours!

Podcast Art:

The lovely and talented Luxiva is an absolutely brilliant comic book and manga artist that you need to check out. She designs and draws all of the cover art for the show, which really helps the experience. Luxiva is kind, sweet, and the most imaginative cartoonist you’ll ever meet. She’s awesome, and we love her. Her highness can be found on Twitter at: @EmpressLuxiva


speedforce musicSpeedforce Music was kind and gracious enough to provide the dramatic music and closing theme.

More on them at: https://soundcloud.com/speedforce-music

Antonia Marquee is a musician, composer, lyricist, and all-around creative genius, so full of talent and positive energy. She wrote our shiny new theme song and can be found on Instagram at: @Antoniamarquee

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