Editorial Policy

Who we’re interested in talking to

Comics creators, novelists, voice actors, animators, and creative people in general.

Who qualifies as a comics creator?
Clarification: Anyone who’s produced and published at least one, but preferably two or more comics in a medium that comics can be produced in.

Who we’re not interested in talking to

Anyone selling work that is morally dubious or actually illegal can’t be considered for the show.

Clarification: Sex-positive adult content is okay. We don’t judge the content of people’s portfolios unless it’s illegal or morally indefensible.

We’re not going to be sharing our platform with comicsgaters, nazis, known copyright infringers or trademark violators.

Interviews and Editing

We want the show to be informative and uplifting for everyone involved. For the purposes of this conversation, that means the guests, staff associated with the show, and listeners. It’s also important to have a show that moves quickly and fluidly.

As such, pretty much all shows are edited down in ways that remove long pauses, repetition, stuttering, breathing, and background noise (say, if someone’s typing an email while talking to us). Sometimes, when a question is rambly and too long, it might be re-recorded for brevity in a way that doesn’t change what’s being said.

Sometimes, we edit for tone. We’ll edit or remove disparaging remarks about individuals and groups of people at our discretion.

In general, with our interviews, we make no changes to the core intent of what our guests have to say. We’ll never change that… even when we disagree with what was said.

The show isn’t about us, it’s about our guests.

Last Updated: May 1st, 2021