​It was fun to sit down and talk about comics with Joe Glass. We talked about comics, writing, the creative process, and effective queer representation. Don’t tell Joe, but I fangirled a little. It’s a really good show.

Bio: Joe is a comics writer from the deepest, darkest South Wales Valleys in the UK. He is mostly known for his ComiXology Originals, LGBTQ+ superhero series, The Pride, Acceptable Losses and Glitter Vipers, all available now!Joe has worked in the past a comics news reporter and critic and has previously worked with Bleeding Cool, Gay Times, WhatCulture and more. Joe remains a staunch advocate of LGBTQ+ representation in media.He lives with a stroppy cat, Oliver, who doesn’t like to be touched, but wants to bite him all the time. He’s also quite possibly the Elton John of comics. Joe Glass is a freelance writer available for hire too, so if you are an editor/publisher, feel free to get in touch.

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Joe’s Twitter can be found at @josephglass https://twitter.com/JosephGlass  

Joe is on Instagram at @joeglass https://www.instagram.com/joeglass/?hl=en 

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