Eva talks with David Pepose. David is the writer of comics such as The O.z and Spencer and Locke. David talks about some of the inspiration behind his comics as well as his upcoming comic Scout’s Honor. They cover the creative process and discuss David’s beginnings as a reviewer and editor for Newsarama. Comic books and personal marketing ideas, as well as personal brand building, are also discussed.

Bio: A former crime reporter turned storytelling professional, David Pepose is the comic book-writing equivalent of a motorcycle stunt jump. He has tackled comic strip homicide, wedding-crashing bank robbers, and faster-than-light space heists as the Ringo Award-nominated writer of Spencer & Locke, Going to the Chapel, Grand Theft Astro, The O.Z., and Scout’s Honor.

David’s books have been featured in The Hollywood Reporter, ComicBook.com, and io9, and have ranked on Barnes & Noble’s Best Comics and Graphic Novels list. His writing has been called “stunningly subversive” by IGN and “an absurdly good time” by Nerdist, while Syfy has described his work as “utterly insane or pure genius (or admittedly, maybe both).”

In addition to developing properties for comics, TV, and film, he has also worked for CBS, Netflix, and Universal Studios. Raised in St. Louis, David currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, where he lives with his understanding partner, their rambunctious terrier, and at least six deadlines.

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