Blake MCcarthy sits down with Eva to explore the story behind the story of his new comic, Territory, life as a first-time comics creator, family, personal growth and character development, and so much more. This is Blake’s first interview anywhere! Get it here first!

Note: This interview was recorded in February, and was always supposed to be timed to coincide with the launch of the book. Now that the book is coming out, it’s time to drop the interview. You’ll notice this one uses the older format, and there are mentions of “spring releases.” That’s why. Still a fantastic show.

Bio: Blake is a 30 year old first time comic creator born and living in Colorado with his wife and two sons (6 & 2). A firefighter with a burning passion for comics, it started with reading comics with his dad and brother as a kid, and was reignited by reading them with his own sons. A fan of Godzilla and all things monstrous, he is smashing into comics with stories he hopes his sons and others are roaring about!

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