JJ and Eva had a great conversation about his new book, the Chowderhead Crusade, and the lifetime of comics reading, as well as the political outlook that inspired it. It’s a great conversation about comics, collaborations, and the things that make us.

Bio: J. J. Walsh is a superhero science fiction nerd novelist and owner of the San Francisco-based advertising agency Iron Creative Communication. He lives in San Francisco, with his wife, two boys, and their Labrador Retriever. So far his comic book knowledge has not been called upon to save the world. But he is ready.

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JJ Walsh on Twitter – https://twitter.com/doublejwalsh
JJ’s Official Website – https://jjwalsh.com

Chowderhead Crusades:

Comic-Con, 2036. The world is rocked by the bizarre and inexplicable materialization of Cateklysm Catholicon – a colorfully clad whack job decreeing that humanity’s only hope lies in the lessons found in superhero comic books. “Cateklysm’s Challenge” is born, enticing even the most skeptical with a prize that promises “the power to change the world”.

But two decades later, the world has gone to crap. The prize, the challenge, and Cateklysm himself have all been forgotten by everyone but the Chowderheads – diehard superhero worshippers, who champion the progressive ideology infused into comics.

Enter Clayton Clayborn, a tragically orphaned, 17-year-old, second-generation Chowderhead living a dystopian nightmare existence on a Martian space freighter. Obsessed with the Challenge, he’ll face a gauntlet of comic book nerdery that will take him to alien worlds, thrust him into gladiatorial combat against supervillain look-alikes, and push him to the brink of annihilation in the heart of what seems to be the Batcave. But as Stan Lee would put it, “Excelsior.”

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