Daniel comes in to talk about his book American Dreams with Eva. They go over the story, and talk about comics production, team and project management, and life in New York City.

Bio: Daniel Kalban is the creator/writer of American Dreams. Proudly raised in Brooklyn, he is a graduate of Daemen College (Amherst, NY). He credits his love of comics, especially heroes, to his father’s old collection of Silver Age comics. When not working as an office assistant for a major metropolitan law firm, you can usually find him working hard on American Dreams and other projects. He also writes occasional articles for Word of the Nerd. When not working, he enjoys playing video games, going to museums, or attending the theater (when things are normal). He credits American Dreams’ creation to his love of superheroes, and history. Daniel currently lives in New York CIty, where you can usually see him running around, possibly grumbling about how badly the Mets are doing.

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American Dreams on Short Fuse Press – https://www.shortfusemediagroup.com/store/search/?keyword=American%20Dreams
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American Dreams on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/AmericanDreamsComic/

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