Brooke and Eva have a serious discussion about cosplay, the mechanics, the materials, and the creative satisfaction of telling your story through the stories of your favorite heroes.

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I am a cosplayer and artist who has been creating and designing since I could hold a Crayola marker- bringing characters to life has always been something I’ve found joy in. When I lept into cosplay with Season 1 Daenerys in 2019, something stirred, and the creativity that I had left untouched for a solid 4 years burst forward-I haven’t looked back since.

My love for DC Comics was fostered in high school and has only deepened from there, which I’m sure is clear by my many DC cosplays. Whether it’s a purchased cosplay or an armor build that’s taken me months, they’re all close to my heart. When I tell the stories of characters I love, through cosplay, through design, and more, I also tell a little bit of my own story- it’s been both freeing and empowering!

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