Luxiva appears on the show to talk about comics, creativity, friendship, and what it’s been like to produce her comic, as well as the 25 consecutive covers she’s contributed to this show. Luxiva is part of the DNA of Titular Characters, and this episode is wholesome, fun, and long overdue.

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Comic Summary

Sometimes, not even reincarnation is enough to get the blood off your hands. A love blossoming between an emperor and a former child soldier comes to a tragic end during a merciless war. 400 Years later the soldier is reincarnated with faint memories of his past life, and sets out to uncover the mysteries surrounding the fate of his long-dead lover. Along the way he is accompanied by a mysterious swordsman who seems to know a little bit more than he lets on.

Guest Bio

Luxiva is a Thai-Scandinavian Professional Make-up artist and Digital artist/ comic creator. She is the creator of the webtoon “The Cloud that became Rain” and specializes in ancient asian aesthetics.

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