Erica Schultz popped in again to talk comics, collaborations, teaching and production, as well as world-building and how to frame a story within a particular time period.

Project Summary

In 1998, three estranged sisters trained by their Nazi-hunting mother come together to solve their mom’s murder…and try not to kill each other in the process. Rose, Poppy, and Violet Hawthorn had an unusual upbringing. Their mother, Jasmine, was the daughter of Nazi hunters and indoctrinated into La Résistance after WW2. After moving to the United States, Jasmine settled down and had three daughters, but her hard-lived past caught up with her.

The Deadliest Bouquet explores the relationships these sisters have with each other and their complicated bond with their mother. Can Rose, Poppy, and Violet put their resentment aside to find Jasmine’s killer? This is a family of secrets…and they’re all about to be laid bare.


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Erica Schultz is Ringo Award nominated comic book writer and editor known for her work at Marvel (Daredevil), DC (Hawkgirl), Image (Where We Live), Red 5 (Legacy of Mandrake) and others. She was part of DC Comics’ first Talent Development Workshop, and is the creator of the five-time Ringo nominated series Forgotten Home with comiXology Originals.

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