Jeffrey brown came by to talk about their webcomics, and their art. It’s cartoony, and interesting, inspired by b-movies and vertigo. They also talked about how we live in a sea of ideas, and how most things are interpretations or re-interpretations of other things we’ve experienced. The key is to make it interesting.

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Guest Bio

My pronouns are (They/Them)

I am Non Binary

I am just your average self-taught artist who is overworked and underpaid, I live In the sunshine state of Florida in the middle of nowhere. I work part-time at the local restaurant during the week and draw comics on my day off or whenever I can get some free time to put it more clearly. in essence, I am an unknown web cartoonist with weird and sometimes interesting ideas. ( sometimes my very best and sometimes my very worse either way I am doing what I love and no one can take it away from me ) and I enjoy every minute of it.

My interests are listening to vintage and out of date 80s/90s music and new wave underground electronic (namely the crystal castles to name a few ) and the stylish tunes of Amy Winehouse ( her old stuff before rehab and after, writing and illustrating my bizarre webcomic and just making art. I want to get published but right now I do not feel like I am quite ready yet to publish anything professionally yet so this (blog/webcomic) is sort of a testing ground for me to test my growing skill (a testing ground for my comics work ).