Ways to support the show

Feel like supporting the Titular Characters podcast with your love and money? Well guess what: we have a couple of really cool options for that. The show does cost money to produce, and every little bit helps.

Buy Us a Coffee!

Of you’re feeling kind and supportive, why not drop us a coffee? It’s a great easy no-obligation way to support the show, and we’ll mention your name and read your good taste comment on the air.

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The Merch Store

We have so much fun making this podcast. It’s really a pleasure to work on and produce. One thing that’s a lot of fun about the show is all the art that comes out of it. And, we figured, at some point, people would want some pretty cool merch with our art on it. If you’re one of those people, your time has come. Gone are the days when you couldn’t get Titular Characters podcast on bedspreads and shower curtains. There’s a bonkers variety of things you can buy with Titular Characters signature art on, and you should check it out at our merch store on Redbubble.

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